Marrying An Asian Bar Girl!

Some men do turn up their noses at the idea of marrying a prostitute.

I understand, even sympathize, but I do think that if you have ever paid a woman for sex you should at least be open to the possibility of falling in love with her.

If you’re too pure, stingy or sexually successful to have ever paid for sex, then I can’t preach to you. I’m not saying that you should force yourself to marry a forty year old 300 pound syphilitic who gives blowjobs in alleys for 50 pesos. But you should remain open.

Some people maintain that prostitutes make the best
wives. They have the experience to give you great sex and they’re a lot less likely to cheat on you. They’ve already had all the sexual variety they could want.

It’s also true that their experiences have conditioned them not to be jealous, especially Filipinos. They take sex much more for granted and don’t confuse it with love.

As long as they’re sure you return their love, they may actually find other women for you. They may even prefer that to you running around picking up any lady off the street and maybe catching the clap which you might pass on to your woman.

They can help their friends earn some extra cash and make sure you aren’t victimized. It’s a viewpoint not often found among middle class Western women.

In THE MAYFLOWER MADAM Sydney Biddle Barrows
wrote that she believed prostitutes made bad wives.
Either they grow to hate men or they become

Yet she knows of cases where it
happened. She lost one of her escorts when the woman
reported to a man’s hotel room and they fell in love at first sight.

Some guys are broadminded enough to let women they’re
emotionally involved with continue working as
prostitutes. I am assuming that you do find the idea of your woman putting out for other guys as emotionally painful.

This can be true even if it’s all in her past, before you knew her, even though you know she had no emotional attachment to those men and she’s given it up for you. If you feel her love, accept it and her. You have the best of her, all her love and most of the sex. Be happy.

Be Asian in the sense that you don’t let yourself think about what makes you unhappy. Be practical, which means be happy, for unhappy people are useless. Think about the wonder and joy she’s bringing into your life now.

Reason things out to remove your irrational feelings. Is sex evil? Of course not! It’s the greatest pleasure in life. Is money? Not if you came by it honestly. So why is it wrong for two people to willingly exchange one for the other?

Characteristics of Romanian Girls

Romanian girls have an unparalleled mix of Latin and East European heritage, giving them a real fiery, sexy edginess.

They are extremely fun; particularly loving music and dancing. Their passion for music is reflected in the relatively high number of recent hits to come out of the country.

They have a playful, advanced, edgy sense of humor. It can be hard to keep up with them.

They have a very high level of English compared to other European countries.

Whilst they are notably religious (mostly Orthodox), in terms of their attitude towards intimacy, the sensuality in their blood dominates as they ooze passion. Romania is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe where it is still common to see women topless at the beach.

Italian men have rubber-stamped the place, even moving there, particularly liking the city of Arad due to the high quantity of beautiful women present. This is why Arad apparently produces some of the best pizza and gelato in Romania.

When going out with a Romanian girl, remember that they love the good life. They dream of going to Bora Bora and wearing Prada shoes, feeling no guilt in going shopping with you and maxing out your credit card, being quite happy to meet a man who will give them a child and sponsor their lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, as well as wanting to be pampered and spoilt, they like you to chaperone them in terms of picking them up from-and escorting them to-whatever place.

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You – The Best Seduction Tips

Do you ever think about how to get a girl to have sex with you. If you want to become a person who attracts women and gets the girl, you need a powerful tool: Seduction. If you want to take a woman home you need to learn how to seduce a woman. Seduction will attract women! Soon you will date women all the time and your friends will ask you for tips on how to attract women and sex advice because you will have sex with women all the time!

Before you read on! Know this! There is bad dating advice out there! Some dating advice on how to have a girl to have sex with you tells you know you need to have good looks, or must trick women, or even us cheesy pick up lines. This is all wrong. You need to understand that the best way to get a woman to have sex with you is to attract her on an emotional level. When you build a connection with her, she feels good about you because the positive emotions she feels are connected to you. Soon that woman will be chasing you. Here are some tips that will make it easy to take a woman home with you.

First work on your physical attraction. While natural looks may be out of your control, you can change how you present yourself so its important to be both well groomed and well-dressed. Women are attracted to a man with style who takes care of himself. A woman also wants a strong man. She wants to feel safe with you by her side. She wants to feel comfortable around you, and also protected from others. Always be the strong man that has a presence that will make her feel secure and comfortable around you.

While it is true that you want to be a strong man. This does not mean you cannot be nice. Being a “nice guy” has some negative connotations. People think a “nice guy” cannot take a woman home. However, being a nice guy is important. You want to show your charm. Being nice in the presence of strength is extremely attractive for a woman. You can playfully tease her, protect her from others, and at the same time be chivalrous and hold the door for her, and escort her down the street. When you tease her add a smile so she knows you secretly care. If you can pull that off you’ll not only be her prince but you’ll have little trouble figuring out how to get that girl to have sex with you.

Most important of all, be true to yourself. If a woman feels that you are being fake or are trying too hard she will reject you. Getting women into bed with you is about bringing up your best self. You always want to be a man that she can trust. This will build a sense of comfort with her and a stronger relationship with her. She will know that you have straightforward and honest intentions and will feel comfortable having sex with you. When you use these tips you can ask her to come home with you and she will say yes!

When you bring her home arouse her and give her all the pleasure that she desires. You should not be a selfish lover. Be a man that fulfills her needs. She will not forget that. Women appreciate a man that takes care of them in the bed. This is sex advice that you must always keep in mind in the bedroom. Woman will want to see you again when you use these tips! So use these powerful seduction techniques to get a girl to have sex with you and she will be coming back to your bedroom every night!

Gossip Girl Episode 9 – They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

I could not wait to watch Gossip Girl this week! It is no stranger to hotties, well…exploring each other’s hotness, but “They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” teases of a ménage à trois. In this one Gossip Girl episode, will we watch Gossip Girl faves turn from risky to risqué?

Dan and Vanessa are determined to get Olivia to stay in college and ditch the movie sequel she’s being pressured to do by showing her the ultimate college experience. How will this threesome feel the next morning? The movie is a no-go.

Remember when I questioned how these Gossip Girl episodes were going to keep up with college and high school antics? This episode merges their worlds with a dance. It’s cotillion time, and Jenny is dead set on having Graham Collins be her escort and ticket into society’s upper echelon. Little J has more to worry about than dance steps when Eric teams up with Blair to teach her a lesson in humility.

Too bad Blair taught Jenny a little too well. Not to be humiliated, Jenny uses a life line and phones a friend. Nate saves the day, escorting the queen to her rightful place above all the other queens. Jenny’s social debut is epic as she is on the arm of not only a legend but a college guy. Eric loses Jenny to the dark side and loses Jonathan in the process. Game over? We think not.

There were tons of great Gossip Girl songs in this episode: Plastiscines “Bitch” and “I am Down”, One for the Team’s “Questions & Panthers”, Basement Jaxx’s “Saga”(ft. Santogold), Leighton Meester’s “Somebody to Love” (ft. Robin Thicke), Anya Marina’s “Whatever You Like”, Immoor’s “Bows & Arrows”, Stella Project’s “Underneath My Skin” and “Ready to Freak”, and Classic’s “Play to Win”.

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Two Way Radios in Primary and Acute Healthcare

Communication plays a crucial role in healthcare. Timely dissemination and sharing of information is critical for acute healthcare providers. Similarly, primary healthcare can be easily administered by using practical and handy communication channels. However, there are several factors that need to be taken into account before deciding upon an effective mode of communication in both primary and acute healthcare institutions. Reliability, coverage and confidentiality of transmitted information along with the institution’s capacity in handling the equipment, play an important role. Healthcare institutions can largely benefit from a mobile clinical staff and two way radios can provide prolific results if used effectively for sharing information.

Functionality and Build of Two Way Radios

Two way radios allow only one function at a time – either receiving or sending the signal. This helps the users efficiently communicate without interrupting the interlocutor. These devices are helpful in exchange of crisp information, rather than constant communication. Two way radios are also known as transceivers or walkie talkies.

Two way radios are simple devices made of primarily six components: power source, receiver, transmitter, microphone, speaker and the crystal. This implies that running and maintenance costs for these devices are not too high. Two or more communicating devices operate on the same radio frequency and a push-to-talk button switches the device between receiving and transmitting modes.

Primary Healthcare and its Challenges

There is a growing emphasis to offer primary healthcare to one and all. This requires creating an environment where equal emphasis is laid on healthcare for all individuals. However, shortage of trained medical practitioners poses a serious threat to achieving this objective. Medical planners have to focus on the use of technology to make the maximum use of the available resources.

Isolation of patients is a big problem that surfaces in primary healthcare. Patients who need medical attention are usually dispersed, especially in rural areas and may not have access to medical facilities. The supply of drugs and medical tests are difficult to conduct and this defeats the very objective of primary healthcare. Lack of communication is another major problem in administering primary healthcare.

A quick exchange of information offers a suitable solution to meet all these challenges. Two way radios enable exchanging of crucial medical information and gradation of current medical practices. The absence of advanced technologies in many locations also increases the importance of two way radio communication devices.

Using Two Way Radios in Primary Healthcare Settings

The most important use of two way radio in delivering primary healthcare is in connecting local medical practitioners with hospitals in cities and more advanced areas. This is critical to diagnosing a patient as well as for prescriptive purposes. A timely decision whether the patient must be referred to a hospital with advanced facilities can be crucial in saving lives. The hospital can also monitor the condition of a patient at another location through two way radios.

How well two way radio technology is implemented for primary healthcare will be dependent on medical and health protocols. Doctors in some countries contact health aides and monitor the situation of the patient by use of two way radios. The medical structure of a community and the country determines how effectively the two way radio can be used for primary healthcare.

Emergency situations can also be addressed by using two way radio. Lack of good transportation and communication facilities can jeopardize a community in case of a medical emergency. Two way radios can be used to send news of such medical exigencies to hospitals or district headquarters and help save many lives.

In some countries, two way radios are used to connect fieldworkers with doctors who are constantly on the move. Use of airplanes helps attend to critical patients in a very short time as soon as the news is delivered by way of two way radios.

Two way radios can also help in training field workers who play an important role in primary healthcare. It depends on the level of existing competence of the medical workers and the desired levels of training. Moreover, field workers can listen in to the conversation of co-workers with physicians and learn by observing the standard medical practices adopted in different cases.

Using Two Way Radios in Acute Healthcare Settings

Clinical information in a hospital can be shared with the help of two way radios. A mobile unit of clinical staff will be more efficient in dealing with day-to-day problems faced by patients and in specific cases where a patient requires immediate attention. A patient who undergoes a complicated heart surgery may require constant monitoring for a few hours after the operation. However, it may not be possible for the doctor who operated on the patient to stay by his side all the time. Two way radios can prove to be a handy solution for helping healthcare institutions, solve such critical operational issues. A nurse attending on the operated patient can inform the doctor about the patient’s progress or whether the patient needs immediate attention, using two way radios. This will not just update the doctor on the patient’s condition but also help him take immediate decisions based on the available inputs. The healthcare industry has successfully tested and used two way radios for acute healthcare. Hospitals make wide use of two way radios for exchange of information among healthcare workers.

Two Way Radios: Advantages

Two way radios provide for a cost effective medium of instant communication. Healthcare industry requires rapid and extensive sharing of information in the most cost effective and efficient manner. A large healthcare institution can be brought under the ambit of wireless radio communication without running up high costs. Moreover, radio signals are quite reliable as compared to mobile networks, where one must depend on the network strength and connectivity. Also, issues of interference do not surface often. Maintenance costs for these devices are also considerably low.

Two Way Radios: Standard Practices for Operation

Some of the standard practices followed for using two way radios in healthcare institutions are:

The devices are used in “receive only” mode in patient areas.
Medical staff is advised to leave the patient area if the device has to be used for outgoing communication.
Two way radios must be kept at a distance from highly energized medical devices.
Lowest possible setting must be used to avoid any interference if the device so permits.
In case of malfunctioning of any medical equipment, the use of radio devices must be stopped immediately.
Unnecessary use of two way radios may distract a medical practitioner during surgery. Therefore, such devices must be used only when required to avoid any delay in patient care.
Using Two Way Radio Systems: Interference and Other Issues

Two way radios do not generally interfere with other medical equipment. Research studies have proved that hospitals can safely use two way radios for communication purposes. These devices can be safely used at a distance of 0.5 meters from most medical equipment. The reason is that these devices operate at high frequencies and do not cause any interference. However, the use of two way radios is discouraged in highly sensitive medical environments like the ICU.

Some of the other issues with two way radio systems include problems, like poor maintenance, lack of power, non-availability of spare parts and poor training of the medical staff regarding the usage of these devices. Any compromise with the quality of the device can prove disastrous and defeat the entire purpose of setting up two way communication radios.


Two way communication systems have been in use for more than seventy years in the field of healthcare. Even today, with the advancements in technology, radio systems play a vital role in setting up communication in healthcare institutions. This is because no other technology can adequately address all the needs of healthcare communication – little interference with medical equipment and immediate and hassle free communication. This establishes the fact that two way radios will continue to play a major role for communication in primary and acute healthcare as well as improve the provision of healthcare services.

Healthcare Administration Degree For Rewarding Healthcare Careers

A career in healthcare has long been associated with doctors and nurses in their crisp white uniforms delivering care to patients. But there is an entire workforce that functions tirelessly, away from the glaring lights, to support these primary care givers and ensure the smooth delivery of healthcare.

Among these men and women are the healthcare administrators or managers on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of managing and running a healthcare organization.

The Department of Labor describes the day to day function of a healthcare administrator as planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising the delivery of healthcare. In other words, they are the ones who take care of the administrative and business aspects of running an organization, so the healthcare providers can do just that – provide care to the patients.

Why Healthcare?

If you are the crossroads of choosing a career, then this is as exciting a time as any to get a healthcare administration degree and enter this profession. Pages after pages have already been written about how an aging population has led to a sharp increase in the demand for healthcare professionals.

According to the Department of Labor, 10 of the 20 fastest growing occupations are related to healthcare. Now, that is a staggering figure by any measure of standards.* Healthcare administration itself is projected to grow at a faster than average pace and the employment of healthcare administrators and managers is expected to grow 16 percent by 2018.**

But excellent job opportunities and attractive compensation are not the only reasons to pursue a healthcare administration degree. The industry is also going through an exciting phase as innovate technology gets integrated with the healthcare delivery system and regulatory environment becomes more complex. The job of a healthcare administrator has become more challenging in the recent years.

Education & Training

If you thought that you need to put in six to seven years of college education to become a healthcare administrator, think again. The good news is that interested candidates can enter the profession with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

Since healthcare managers need to be familiar with management principles and practices, a bachelor in healthcare degree is designed to teach students the clinical and business aspects of managing a healthcare facility by training them in management principles, strategic planning, resource management, leadership skills, and other office procedures and medical terminology.

Graduates with a bachelor’s healthcare administration degree begin their careers as administrative assistants or assistant department heads in larger hospitals. Small hospitals or nursing facilities may hire them as department heads.

Employment Opportunities

With so many healthcare facilities springing up to provide care to an aging population, healthcare administrators may find employment in a wide range of settings. These include hospitals, clinics, office of physicians, nursing care facilities, residential care facilities, home healthcare facilities, federal healthcare facilities, community care facilities, rehabilitation centers, etc.

The Department of Labor has classified healthcare administrators as either specialists or generalists. Specialists are in charge of a specific clinical department and are called clinical managers. They are trained or experienced in the specific clinical area that they manage.

Generalists, on the other hand, manage an entire facility or a system within a facility. In large facilities, they work as assistant administrators aiding the top administrator in the running of various healthcare departments.

In smaller facilities like nursing homes or doctors’ offices, healthcare administrators are usually responsible for carrying out the day to day operations like managing personnel, handling finances, recruitment, etc.

As far as remuneration is concerned, it depends on a variety of factors such as level of responsibility and the type and size of healthcare facility. According to the Labor Department, the average annual income of a healthcare manager was $80,240 in May 2008.**

So, if you think your shoulders are strong enough to take on the responsibility of running a healthcare organization, then a career full of opportunities and personal gratification is waiting for you!

Prostate Alternative Treatments and Therapy

Androgens (male hormones) especially dihydrotestosterone and testosterone stimulate prostate cell growth and determine secondary male sex characteristics. When both cancerous as well as healthy prostate cells are deprived of androgens they do not proliferate and die. Prostate alternative treatments like cryotherapy – which means freezing the prostate, are suitable when the Luperon therapy does not work.

Hormonal Treatment
Prostate cancer hormonal treatment uses surgery or drugs to block androgen – particularly dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. In case cancer recurs and localized treatment for prostate cancer has failed then hormone therapy is used. This type of treatment has side effects like decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, enlargement of breasts and hot flashes.

Metastasized and advanced cancer uses prostate alternative therapies that suppress or block male hormones/androgens. These therapies are in the form of orchiectomy surgery (when testicles are surgically removed), hormonal drugs etc. Late stage prostate cancer cure is rare but possible. Prostate alternative treatments produce objective and subjective responses in patients.

Some of the androgen suppression treatments like orchiectomy are obviously irreversible and thus most patients choose hormonal treatment to block and stop androgens. But reports show that patients who have had the orchiectomy surgery have a higher survival rate than those who choose hormonal therapy.

Prostate alternative hormonal therapies are appropriate for those men who have advanced prostate cancer before being treated with radiation (neoadjuvant therapy) therapy. If PSA levels have risen, it does not mean that there is a spread of the cancer or that the cancer will recur. It is possible to be cured if the cancer is within the prostate itself.

Prostate alternative treatment options for persistent or recurring cancer after localized treatment are:

o Patients that have had radiation treatment first may go in for androgen-suppression and surgery.
o Patients who have had surgery first, both androgen-suppression and surgery are options.
Note that after radiation seed implantation, PSA levels do rise temporarily, which does not signal recurrence of cancer.

Patients who are most likely to die from cancer that has recurred and are at high risk should have prostate alternative treatments and therapies. Those who are at a low risk probably do not need a prostate alternative treatment. Some studies carried out found that low-risk patients sometimes lived for more than sixteen years or so after cancer recurrence. Some prostate alternative treatments and therapies are:

o Androgen-Suppression Therapy: Treatments that suppress or block androgens/male hormones are the right response to rising PSA after failure of treatment. Starting Androgen-Suppression Therapy early when PSA levels rise or later after symptoms have been developed will depend on the particular patient.

o Salvage Prostatectomy: This procedure is also performed sometimes after radiation treatment has been unsuccessful and if the cancer is still localized. The odds of this prostate alternative treatment procedure are 10 to 64% and many doctors do not recommend salvage prostatectomy in case of failure of radiation treatment, because of severe complications that arise. For example, incontinence after this procedure cannot be treated with collagen implants, medications or other standard treatments.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Cosmetics

There are innumerable kinds of beauty boosting cosmetics in the market today. It is extremely important to figure out which cosmetics are best for your skin and your complexion. Its the color tone of your skin that will determine which shade you should stick to while buying your beauty products. Interestingly, less is always more in case of cosmetics.

Making the choice of the appropriate shades in order to increase your beauty is based on the skin and hair condition. You can get help from several sites related to skincare. Local beauty shops and cosmetics kiosks can also provide you some information with the help of their trained staff. Try to understand what your skin and hair type is. Once you know your variety, you can easily identify what will suit you best.

Foundation is the base of every makeup. The kinds of foundation you select will the effect of your cosmetics. Various types of foundations are available in the market. The three main categories are powders, liquids and mineral. Powder based foundation is simple and can be re-used, whenever required. The main problem with these foundations is, when you over-apply it leaves a cake-like pattern in your face.

It is recommended to use a concealer for hiding the blemishes instead of applying powder foundation. Whereas liquid foundation is easy to use but hard to blend and produce the natural look. It tends to leave lines if the coat becomes thick. Mineral foundations are smooth and watery. They can easily cover the blemishes and returns a natural glow in your face. Whichever foundation you select, make sure you apply it nicely.

Once you know your skin and hair trends try sticking to your color shades and blends. Don’t pick random colors and cosmetics as this will badly affect your made-up look. You should always look natural and clean. In other words putting on the no-make-up look is the best deal. Your color pallet should allow you to apply colors which go well with the color of your hair and skin tone, so as to give you the perfect look. The idea is to boost your features, not make them look as if artificially made-up. Highlight your cheekbones and darken the outer corners of your eyes. The universal idea of make-up application is not to deduct your natural features but to highlight the best ones and hide the not-so-good ones.

Finding Child Health Insurance in California

Low wage earning, working families who have a hard time paying for insurance have the benefit of Federally funded State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP, laws. The state of California has used its Federal SCHIP funds on a program called “Healthy Families.” Under California’s Healthy Families program, your children can be fully enrolled to receive health care benefits if your family’s income level is at or below 250% of the poverty level. As of January 2010, that figure was $55,125. There are strict guidelines for verifying a family’s low-income status and if you do not fall within the parameters, it is up to you to find other child health insurance.

Fortunately, California is home to a wide range of plans, though it can be a daunting task to sort through them. Let’s start with the easiest option.

Claiming Them as Dependents

Child health insurance in California, as in any other state, may be most easily obtained through your own individual insurance plan, though this may not always be the cheapest option. As a general rule, a child can be covered under his our her parents’ plan until their 19th birthday, unless they are a full-time student, in which case they can be covered up to age 23 or 24. However the new health care bill that is currently sitting on the Senate floor would extend that age to 26 for full-time students. Certain statuses will affect this age limit, such as disability status. Once these young adults reach the cutoff point of course, they will have to get their own individual insurance plan.

Choosing an Individual Plan

You will have to find individual health care plans if you are unable to cover them as your dependent. A “child health insurance: California coverage” search is similar to a search that one would do regardless of where they live, and can be done in the three steps outlined below. The great news about California is that, because it is such a large market, there are generally more offerings available to choose from than there would be in a smaller, less populated state.

Online Research. You can choose to use an online quote tool where you simply enter the zip code of your child’s residence at the top. Within moments, you will have a list of child health insurance California plans. You can easily compare the plans’ benefits versus cost and find the insurance that fits you and your child’s needs.
Narrow the Field. You will want to look at the plans through two lenses, cost and care. For example, you will want to choose an insurance plan that will pay for immunization if your child still requires them. In addition, you will want to ensure that any medications your child currently takes will be covered; this usually means you need a prescription plan. You can also narrow the field by throwing out things you know you will not need, if you have a small child there is little need for a maternity or tobacco cessation program coverage.
Insurance Usage. Once you have adequate insurance in place, you need to use it indiscriminately. Many times a child’s health concerns can be answered simply with over-the-counter medications suggested by a phone call to the pediatrician. Avoid those costly emergency room visits whenever you can. In some cases where medical treatment is required, you can shop around for the best price. Look at it as you would any other purchase and be a perceptive consumer, you can do this and still receive excellent health care.

Paying for Your Child’s Plan

Did you know that you can pay for your children’s health insurance coverage in full or in part for as long as you want? All you have to do is give the insurance company your billing address, bank account number or credit card for payment instead of theirs. This is the case regardless of whether you both live in California or not.

There is a great deal of insurance information online, if you want to research further you can look for individual and family health insurance and get a better idea of California health plan options.